In Action

Here we have the Stallings U.S.A. & Fellow Dragonslayer Brotherhood.

The one thing these people from different parts of the world all have in common is their love for Metal, and that they play our Guitars or Basses. These are the real players in action as they put the pedal to the Metal


Veni Domine

Scarlet Red

Grind Inc.




Dark Lords of Stonehurst


Rules of Entry Submission: You must play a Stallings USA, or Dragonslayer guitar and can prove it with photos. Feel free to send us your most creative shots in high resolution using the email link below. If the guitar is clearly visable in the shots, we will post your Bands Name here and link it to a special page with a Bio on the Band, along with your pictures. Please keep in mind that according to the rules, we can only post one portrait style photo of the band, if you so choose to send us one. All other photos MUST show the guitarist playing a Stallings USA or Dragonslayer with his bandmates. Rehearsal shots are accepted as well! The prefered photos are of the whole band on stage with the Dragonslayer clearly visable in all shots.