Veni Domine


Torbjörn Weinesjö

Torbjörn Weinesjö, born in Stockholm on the 10th of January 1970, began his musical career at the age of seven. Pots and coffee jars were the victims of his first stumbling steps. Playing to the reords of Jerusalem and Roland Utbult, he started to develop a feeling for heavier music. He started his first band at eight, actually "playing" one of his father?s acoustic guitars. There was already a boy who was pretty good with the coffee jars. The band performed sometimes several days a week at school. Torbjörn and his brother Thomas got their first drum kit a couple of years later and tortured their neighbors whenever the time felt right.

A side track to the rock?n?roll emerged when Torbjörn started to play the trumpet at the age of nine. His neighbours would probably not complain about him not being very dedicated to practice. Still, he played the trumpet for several years in the brass orchesta in church.
At the age of 14 though, Torbjörn concluded that it was probably more cool to play the guitar and when his band decided to start anew, he announced that he was not going to be the drummer anymore. So, with a borrowed guitar and amp he started to play.

Since Torbjörn was a rookie, he claimed it would be better for the old guitar player to do most of the chord playing while Torbjörn would do the solos. Torbjörn only knew a few chords.
The rigg at that time was a Guyatone Mosrite clone and a Piggy amp on batteries. Already an electronic freak, he found out that playing with old batteries would bring out a dirty sound he thought was called distortion. A little later he purchased his first stompbox, a Vesta fire distortion, which proved he was wrong thinking he would never experience heaven on earth. Little did he know. This far, the bands responsible for influencing Torbjörn were the likes of Jerusalem, Kiss (Ace Frehley), Rainbow (Ritchie Blackmoore), Toto (Steve Lukather), Lee Ritenour, Rick Springfield, Saga etc.

In the meantime, Torbjörn started to look for a Christian band to join, since he would like the company of others sharing the same beliefs. He joined a band called the Disciples and now with a Yamaha guitar and Yamaha amp, he really began to get his vision clear.

Disciples had their own light rigg and light engineer and with fresh printed posters he felt like a rockstar, playing a pink Ibanez and a Swedish built controller amp (used on Fall Babylon Fall). The band did several shows in different churches in the Stockholm area. They also recorded a couple of demos, but the Disciples did not survive.

Bass player Anders Olofsson and Torbjörn joined up with brother Thomas and formed "Glorify", which marked the beginning of Veni Domine.


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